Sunday Screencap: Fantasia WTF

a crocodile is wrapped in a spiral around a hippo in a tutu.  Their heads are smashed together and their eyes scream in agony / pleasure / I don't even know.

Screencap from Fantasia’s Dance of the Hours.  Yes, the crocodile’s tail is in between her legs.  Also, THE EYES.


Sunday Screencap: Cinderella’s Beads

Two mice from cinderella. One appears to be pulling beads out of the other's butt.

I guess that's one way to carry them...

It’s Sunday, so I’m posting a screencap.  Because ‘Sunday Screencap’ has alliteration and is all classy and shit.

Don’t get how this ruins Cinderella?  Well, I’ll save you the trouble of googling ‘anal beads’ and give you the abridged urbandictionary definition…

Anal beads are a type of sex toy… Typically, anal beads are smooth, round spheres made of silicone or plastic. Resembling a short strand of pearls, the beads are connected to one another by a piece of nylon cord or other type of strong rope-like material… The beads are inserted gently one bead at a time into a person’s anus. At the moment of orgasm (or at other times), they are pulled out by the ring or handle.

Disney – depicting anal gay sex since 1950.