Maid Marian is Creepy

Trigger Warning – Pedophilia

The internet is truly awesome sometimes.

Sorry for the lack of posts – the semester is ending and I have tons of homework and exams.  I’m almost done with my term project for the Disney and Gender class, though, and I’ll post it when it’s ready.


Edited to add a transcript:

Skippy (small cute rabbit boy, pretending to be Robin Hood): Come on, lady fair, let’s go.

Maid Marian (adult woman fox, who’s madly in love with Robin Hood): Oh, Robin! You’re so brave and impetuous.  (They go away from the others to a small forest glen).  Oh, so this is Sherwood Forest.

Skippy: Yeah, I guess so.  Now what will we do?

Maid Marian: Well, usually, the hero gives his lady a kiss.

Skippy (making a face): A kiss? Oh, that’s sissy stuff.

Maid Marian: Well if you won’t…then I will!

(She physically picks him up and kisses him despite his struggling)

Sis: Ew, they’re kissing! (She and the other kids suddenly appear, and point and laugh at them)

(Skippy wipes his face, looking exceedingly pissed off.)


Don’t get the bad?  Pretend that an adult man sneaks away with a little girl and plays a game that ends up with him kissing her.


Sunday Screencap – Oh Babe-y

a goblin appears to be doing something bad to a pig

That'll do, pig. That'll do.

Screencap from The Black Cauldron (1985).

Don’t get the bad?  From urbandictionary:

Doggystyle – Sexual intercourse between a man and woman characterized by the woman bending over… and the man inserting his penis into her vagina.

On a related note, I can’t decide which term I like better: piggystyle or goblinstyle.

Squirrel Rapist

Trigger Warning – Rape

Let me tell you a purely hypothetical story.

A man meets a woman in a narrow hallway.  The woman leaves plenty of room for him to pass, but he instead leans in to sniff her chest.  The woman tries to push him away, and he responds by trying to grab her hands.  The woman fights him off and tries to run, but the man chases her and grabs her hair, turns her around and kisses her.  She tells him to leave her alone, and manages to break free.

She runs off, and asks a friend to help her, and the man runs up behind her and shoves her to the floor.

The friend says “I can’t help you.  He’s chosen his mate for life!  It’s a natural phenomenon.”

She crawls off and hides while the man is distracted, only for the friend to point out her hiding spot.  The man once again grabs and kisses her, while the friend watches her struggle against him.

It is at this point that the friend breaks into song.

I shit you not – this story, which seems more at home in A Clockwork Orange, is in a Disney movie, Sword in the Stone.

The only difference is that the victim is male, and the attacker is female. Also, they’re squirrels.

The creepy starts at 1:18.


You’re wasting time resisting
You’ll find the more you do
The more she’ll keep insisting
Her him has got to be you
It’s a rough game anyone knows
There are no rules, anything goes
There’s no logical explanation
For this discombooberation

Rape – it’s discombooberating!